SJC of Shandong University holds sharing session on “Early Preparation for Employment”
Author:   Time:2019-11-25   Number:

In order to help students learn the current employment market and make preparations in advance, a sharing session on early preparation for employment organized by the Postgraduate Union of SJC was hosted in A606, Zhixin Building in Shandong University. The theme of the session was “Love SJC and Move Forward Together”.The session invited 2018 graduates Wang Maobin and Wang Haimeng to share their rich experience in employment and examinations so as to provide guidance for students who are still looking for jobs.

At the beginning of the session, Wang Lijun, deputy secretary of our school party committee, delivered a speech in which she expressed her gratitude to Wang Maobin and Wang Haimeng for their unselfish sharing and placed great expectations on students of SJC. After that, Wang Maobin gave us a vivid introduction of the bright employment prospects based on his personal employment experience and other students employment situation. Besides, he also told students his turning points in life, mistakes he had made, feeling of his work and advice for hunting a good job. Then, Wang Haimeng, who temporarily works as Deputy Director of the Civil Affairs Bureau of Huaiyin District, shared his experience in civil servant examination.

In the final interactive stage, they patiently answered students’ questions and the atmosphere was very active.



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