SJC of Shandong University successfully holds a “new” welcome party.
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The School of Journalism and Communication of Shandong University held an evening party to welcome the new students admitted in 2019 in the Concert Hall of the Central Campus on November 30th. The slogan of the party was “Song of Youth, Song of Persistence”. Mr. Wang Desheng, secretary of the party committee of our school, presented the party.


The party was open with a passionate dance “Adios” and after that, Mr Wang Desheng delivered a speech in which he summarized the fruitful achievements made last year, put forward the goals of our school, and expressed his best wishes to our students and faculty.


The programs were exciting and brilliant. There was magnificent chorus “Good News from Beijing to Borderland ”, wonderful rap show and beautiful Latin dance “Perhaps Plus”. Poem recital “The Young Journalist” told the ideals and beliefs of the new generation of journalists. Modern drama “Seven Citizens” told a moving story that journalists were brave to make a different voice in front of complicated situations, which made the audience think deeply about the public opinion.


Finally, all the performers came to the stage to thank the audience. The party ended successfully with a beautiful song “When we walked together”.


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