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Lecture about Chinese Poetic Films made by Professor Song Jie Successfully Held
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On November 4, president of China Film Association(CFA) in Yunnan Province, dean of School of Film, Yunnan Arts University professor Song Jie visited Shandong University and gave a lecture “Poetic Film with Chinese Lyric Tradition”, which was also the first academic activity since the founding of “Film Culture and Art Communication Research Center”. The lecture was held by Professor Tang Xiguang from School of Journalism and Communication, Shandong University.

From talking about the style changes of national and ethnic films as well as the lyric tradition of Chinese literature, professor Song Jie compared China with other foreign countries in a long term of history, linked different art forms together, and pointed out that “poetic sense” is an unique style of films made in China. In his opinion, Chinese films which has more than one hundred years history have two notion creative lines with Chinese characteristics: one is main line occupying mainstream of Chinese films, namely “story films”, the other is subline which is not clear and sometimes will be forgotten by people, namely “poetic film”.

Associate professor Yu Xiaofeng from School of Journalism and Communication, Shandong University made comments about this lecture. She put it in the internet context featuring fragmentization, individualism and radical styles and defined “poetic tradition” as the way to bring out a great rejuvenation as well as the exploration about how to cope with the globalization of western modern culture.



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