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Academic Report made by Professor Jiang Fei from School of International Journalism and Communication, Beijing Foreign Studies University Successfully Held
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On October 25, dean of School of International Journalism and Communication, Beijing Foreign Studies University, doctoral supervisor professor Jiang Fei visited School of Journalism and Communication, Shandong University and gave an academic report “The Cultural Boundary of International Communication”, which was held by Professor Tang Xiguang from School of Journalism and Communication, Shandong University.

Starting his report with the origin and definition of international communication, which, Professor Jiang Fei presented, strongly features properties of times, politics, ideology and other factors, he called on that one should break limitations of times to understand its definition and find out the cultural boundary of international communication. What’s more, by virtue of the case that employees from foreign subsidiaries of Chinese media attended relevant trainings in China, Jiang Fei said that it is the identity and sense of identity that arouses, activates, and inspires the difference between two cultures. In the end, Jiang Fei indicated that the international communication crossing the boundaries of countries and area needs to be promoted continually especially cross cultural boundary. Over the past decade, international communication career has strived to output information in the light of principles of “international communication”, but on next step, policy makers and theory researchers are supposed to focus on crossing cultural boundary in order to tell good stories about China and improve the international image of China.


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