Graduate education
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In 2000, our school was authorized to confer master degree in journalism and began to recruit postgraduates in journalism and communication. Currently, there are doctoral programs(started in 2011) and master programs(started in 2006) in the specialties of Journalism and Communication. Besides, we were also granted to confer master degree in design in 2006 and in the specialty of art design in 2011.Every year, more than 100 doctors and postgraduates (including full-time , part-time and overseas students )are admitted to our school. At present, we have 11 doctoral supervisors and 27 postgraduate mentors(including doctoral supervisors).


In recent years, for postgraduate education, we have been dedicated to teaching and researching from the following four aspects: 1. news theory and news history research conforming to Marxist concept of news and aiming to inherit and spread positive revolution culture; 2. cultural communication and cross-cultural communication committed to explaining Chinese cultural classics; 3.interdisciplinary communication and media research focusing on big data, integrated media, artificial intelligence, and 5G mobile communication; 4.public opinion and public communication research concentrating on social governance in a new media environment.


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